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In order to invest in the Preferred Shares of GECO, you must also become a member of the Co-op.  Fortunately, this membership only costs $10.00.

Purchasing preferred shares is also relatively easy, however you should understand the risks and the rewards of this investment.  Our approved Offering Statement has been receipted by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and should be read and understood prior to investing.  The Offering Statement provides “Full and Plain Disclosure” with regards to the investment.  For a copy of the Offering Statement and an Application form, please go to the “Docs & Forms” page on our website, or click on the link below.

Become an investor / member now!

The Facts

– Initial membership share is a one-time cost of only $10.

– No additional investment obligation.

– FIT contract prices were initially developed to provide an 11 percent return on equity. This is not guaranteed, since project costs and operation and maintenance will differ for each individual project.  More detailed information regarding estimated returns will be provided in an offering statement before any investment will be required.

For more information about the IRR:

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